Apr 062011

You asked for it, you got it! We’ve gotten so many requests to serve Chef Dan’s Mussels & Fries again that he brought them back. Just in time for French Quarter Festival!

Feb 092011

Chef Dan added a Bikini Sandwich w/ Rosemary Ham, Gruyere & Truffle-Butter. Also a Truffled Duck Confit w/ Mezze Rigatoni, Goat Cheese & Kale. Yum!

Dec 272010

Now updating via iPhone, so expect new updates more

Aug 112010

Dan’s in the kitchen, Sophie’s on the stage, Christopher’s behind the bar and all is right with the world. Come on down and join us!

Jul 272010

Right now we’re moving equipment, waiting for Cox, waiting for permits and doing some final painting. August 15th is our target opening day. Hope to see you at the Muse