Pay Off Debts And Expenses By Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Bob Dylan reminded us in his song that death may not be the end. For Marcus Hackney, who worked as a coroner, it would be his dawn. In the aftermath of demise, his duty entailed conducting examination on the dead to unearth the cause of death. He would never contemplate when a call would summon him to duty after homicides, accidents, suicides, and natural deaths. Marcus would undertake an inquest to uncover the grounds, time and nature of deaths. But don’t mistake him for a medical examiner; a coroner does not perform autopsies. As with death, not even a coroner can foresee it. One day, Marcus had received a call to investigate an industrial death case that had taken a heavy toll. He got exposed to tons of asbestos leading to cancer and died as a lawsuit for personal injury was underway.

His wife settled the matter with the three defendants enjoined in the tort claim, including the company he was investigating. Mrs. Hackney who had no children by the time of her husband’s death became the recipient of cyclic payments from a stream of income designed to compensate her. In this compensation scheme, the tort claimant receives money at pre-determined future dates. In the early 70’s, Congress had to intercede after a bulk of tort applicants who received lump sum payments became the fool and his money, soon parting. Mrs. Hackney got a guaranteed life contingent, but the capped monthly installments soon morphed into a lottery. Each time she cashed in the money would get sponged off by a litany of expenses. With bill collectors and mortgagee on her neck, she made her mind to sell the structured settlement payments for a whack of cash.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments             

Know Your Deal Like the Back of Your Hand

Mrs. Hackney received monthly payments guaranteed for 20 years. She wanted to raise more than $200,000 to fend off creditors approaching her with “guillotine” speed. Her structured settlement payments for ten years could amount to her figure as they had a discounted value of $1M. She visited the Internal Revenue Service website to work out her discounted present value using the circulated Federal Rate for valuing annuities. Afterward, she plunged into the online marketplace where structured settlement purchasing companies pitch competitively. She nailed a buyer in a day and knuckled down to set the seal on a transaction that would bring in $700,000.

Plumb the Depths of the Transaction Once You Receive A Disclosure Statement and Transfer Agreement

Mrs. Hackney reposed her trust in Woodbridge Structured Funding due to their proven track record and sparse consumer complaints or red-flagging by the BBB. She received the $700,000 offer from the company and endorsed it right away. You don’t have to take it lying down as you can continue negotiating and communicating with businesses who trail you with higher bids.

Where Do I Get A Reputable Buyer for A Top-Dollar Lump Sum Payment?

Mrs. Hackney contacted the attorney who had handled the claim and a few of her friends for referrals to a reputable buyer of structured settlement annuities. She also scouted online resources such as databases where factoring companies bid for payment rights competitively. With annuity contract and modicum knowledge about structured settlements, it can become a fool’s gold. Mrs. Hackney knows better not to let a sudden economic hardship enshroud her thinking and get ripped off. Her sharp eye for details enabled her to nail an impressive figure for the aggregate payment she sought to transfer to a factoring company less all expenses.

Deferred Structured Settlement Payments Turned Out To Be A Blessing in Disguise

In spite of the illiquidity characterizing structured settlement payments, if you get a company in the red to buyout at a considerably higher price and get court approval. With an imposing figure of $700,000, Mrs. Hackney creditors could now be overpaid and yet leave her a surplus amount of cash. But don’t push your luck; every deal has its story.

 Structured Settlement Annuity Companies with an Upper Hand in the Market 

Olive Branch Funding specializes in rendering flexible cash solutions in a court-approved transfer agreement for structured settlements, lottery awards or annuities. The company files a court petition and obliterates red tape to fish out a lump sum in the shortest time.

Woodbridge Structured Funding will give you a lion’s share price to purchase your structured settlement payments at digit low discount rates, minuscule transfer fees and streamline transactions. The company adheres to the industry’s ethical standards, federal and state laws, as well as court procedures in your county.

Stone Street Capital provides each seller of structured settlements or cash flows a representative to walk you through a complex transaction to minimize losses and inordinate delay in court. The company’s discount rate and pricing structure meet the “fair and reasonable” court two-limbed test.…